Call Master IP

IP Nurse Call - Powered By The Raspberry Pi ®


Rescue Mobile Cart

Call Master - Rescue is the Emergency Backup Patient Call & Request Solution which can be programmed and deployed in minutes so you're never comprimising safety with patients or staff if your existing nurse call system develops a fault.

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Multi-Ward Use

Each system can support multiple wards which enables you to deploy a single emergency unit in any area within seconds.

You can also pre-program each area for your site to ensure at the touch of the screen you're ready for the specific ward you need covered.

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Wireless Ultra Configurable Pendants

Each wireless pendant can be configured specifically to cover key call categories for nursing staff, patient call and enhanced experience for some of the most frequent requests from patients directly to iPad and the Rescue App.

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Call Master IP - Nurse Call

Call Master IP - The simple IP nurse call solution built upon open hardware and software for complete integration.

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Call Master NET - Platform

Call Master NET - The call monitoring platform for Microsoft® Windows 10 operating system based desktops.

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Using iPad and iPod Touch in Healthcare?

The most durable, protective, medical grade case system for iPad available today from Inner-vision Technology.

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Ancillary Devices

A range of ancillary patient call devices for use with our solutions and 3rd party systems.

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